Luxe Wigs

Your Beijo Luxury Hairpiece

Luxury is that which can be repaired

Your custom hairpiece includes:

  • 3 complimentary maintenances for the first three years of having your Beijo baby.
    • Maintenances include Shampoo, moisture treatments, color refresh (for custom color pieces), hairline fill, light lace repair for minor rips and tears (at our discretion).
  • Beijo silk infused melt band
  • Beijo silk storage bag
  • Your choice of a water-proof (for adhesive installs) or water-based (for glueless installs) touch-up applicator pen.
  • Beijo lace cutting scissors
  • Beijo detangling brush
  • Beijo Haircare Bible.
  • Your choice of Beijo silk infused wig caps or silk infused wig mesh cap.
    • Silk infused wig caps: available in Nude, Light Brown, Medium Brown, or Dark Brown
    • Silk infused Mesh caps: available in Nude, Light Bown, Medium Brown, or Black.

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