Bespoke Hairpieces

Your Beijo Bespoke Hairpieces: Enjoy Bespoke experiences

Your bespoke hairpiece includes:

3 complimentary maintenances for the first three years of having your Beijo baby.

Maintenances include Shampoo, moisture treatments, color refresh (for custom color pieces), hairline fill, light lace repair for minor rips and tears (at our discretion).

Beijo silk infused melt band
Beijo silk storage bag
Your choice of a water-proof (for adhesive installs) or water-based (for glueless installs) touch-up applicator pen.
Beijo lace cutting scissors
Beijo detangling brush
Beijo Haircare Bible.
Your choice of Beijo silk infused wig caps or silk infused wig mesh cap.

Silk infused wig caps: available in Nude, Light Brown, Medium Brown, or Dark Brown
Silk infused Mesh caps: available in Nude, Light Bown, Medium Brown, or Black.

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